Self-Care Kit

Educate your patients on how they may care for their skin and nails during treatment

Skin reactions are a common side effect of treatment with Portrazza. These reactions may include rash, dermatitis acneiform, acne, dry skin, pruritus, generalized rash, skin fissures, maculo-papular rash, and erythema. Helping patients care for their skin and nails is an important part of their self-care during Portrazza treatment.

The Self-Care Kit contains information on the possible side effects of EGFR treatment, like Portrazza, as well as products and suggestions to help with skin care.

The Self-Care Kit contains:

  • Lotions, sunscreen, gentle bathing products, and a nail care kit
  • A brochure with information about potential skin and nail changes, plus tips on what patients can do to help with these side effects
Self-Care Kit

Order the complete Self-Care Kit (self-care products and brochure):